Lemon Detox Day 1 – Here I Go Again On My Own


After a few months in Ibiza, I’m now back in Sydney and ready to try out something I’ve been thinking about for a while – a month long home-made detox program.

This time the idea is to try 10 days Lemon Cleansing.  Which will then be followed by 10 days of Vipassana meditation.  Finished off with 10 days of Bikram Yoga.

And I’m going it alone, no friends or support crew.  My wife doesn’t fancy not eating for 10 days, or not being able to speak for 10 days/meditating 10 hours a day, which is what Vipassana entails.

She is game though, she’s well up for the Bikram, so I’ll have a partner in crime health for the final leg.

Got my lemons, a whole box load from the local farm market.  Only $2 Aus per kilo, pretty bloody cheap.

Got my organic Maple Syrup, clocking in at either $20 per 250g or $8 per 250g, depending on whether it’s bought from the health food shop or the supermarket.

I’m all up for helping local stores, and have a strong dislike of most things that supermarkets stand for, but with a price difference like that, the evil supermarket wins out every time.

So I’m all set for day 1 and I’m weighing in a slightly overweight 82 Kilos.  I’m going to be weighing myself everyday on my Wii Fit – let’s see whether I actually lose any weight on this regime.

A nice 1 hour run round the park today should kicked things off nicely.  And resulted in total exhaustion that saw me pass out at 10pm.  That’ll confuse the jetlag…

Do I get into the detox groove quickly, find out at Day 2 – Me Hungry? Oh No, Never…

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Leave your thoughts on the 30 Day Detox…worth it or waste of time?


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