Ibiza Lemon Detox Day 7 – I’m Doing Fine Now, Without You Baby


When The Pasadenas sung this heart felt line, they were doing fine now without some recently departed lady-friend of theirs.

They ‘nearly cried themselves to death’ over it, but then ‘they stopped and got a hold of themselves’.  Very commendable of the boys, I hope that they came out the other side bigger, stronger and better men for their efforts.

The Pasadenas, they're off their heads

If food were a fine looking woman, would I be doing fine without her?

Or would I be missing her smooth mango like skin, her luscious banana-esque flesh, or her juicy tomato-ish seeds?

Erm, probably a bit.  Though not as much as I’d have thought seven days ago.

This evening we broke the fast in the best way possible – by feasting on Ibiza sun ripened fresh fruit and vegetables picked straight from the garden.  Avocados, tomatoes, raspberries and apricots.  Man, did they taste good.

That’s the right way to do it…ease yourself back in slowly with fruit and veg to get the digestive system working properly before ploughing into proper food.

Postscript on the fast?  Two words really – surprising and recommended.

Surprising for two reasons.

Firstly, the hunger wasn’t a big issue.

Secondly, how great it made me feel and the upped levels of concentration if afforded were a revelation.

Recommended for the reasons above.  I believe that everyone would benefit from a thorough internal cleanse.  What starts in the body finishes in the mind, leaving it all spic and span and ready for action.

Talking of action, I’m off for a meal of exquisite proportions at my favourite – and arguably Ibiza’s finest – restaurant, La Paloma.

Let’s see if my body and mind finish the evening in such good condition, or if an outbreak of the infamous Abstinence Retox Syndrome rears its ugly head….

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And if you’ve enjoyed it, spread the word…


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