How To Deal With The Occasional Off Day In 5 Minutes


Yesterday I was having one of those days.

Some little thing was niggling away at me and the mental nay sayer was doing the rounds slagging off everything he could.

I was having an off day, or to put it another way, being a pain in the ass.

Now twenty four hours later everything’s back to normal.

The nay sayer is back in his box and I’m back to enjoying the daily grind.

This enthusiasm, gusto, drive comes across in anything I do today.

It’s all smiles, conversations and good vibes.

Why the sudden change of heart?  And how can you silence your internal doom monger when he rears his ugly head?

Stop for a second, think about what’s causing your irritation – what’s making you feel sick in your stomach or tight in your chest (last nights boozing aside)?

Work out why it’s there.

Once you’ve worked out the cause, you then need to realise that you can affect it, change it and stop it.

Both the beginning and the end of the problem are  within your control.  Even if you don’t think you caused the problem, the solution is always down to you.

You might disagree with me here…but you’re wrong ;-)

Think on it for a while – you can always fix a problem somehow, you just might not really want to.

So work out the answer, fix it up and get back to enjoying life.


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