Frack Off – No Coal Seam Gas Mining

How would you like someone to blast vast quantities of toxic chemicals, sand and water into the ground near your house?

stop fracking

Models against mining!

What about if it meant there was a good chance that this poisonous mixture would then contaminate the local water table?

Well, this exactly what Coal Seam Gas mining and the process known as ‘Fracking’ does, and the Australian government seems like they are rather fond of the idea.

Check out the Oscar nominated film Gasland for the full scary, disturbing and disgusting picture of what fracking is doing right now to the U.S.

The Australian government have already approved 15 wells in drinking catchments areas of the Illawarra region, 30 in Sydney’s Camden area and they’ve just given Dart Energy permission to drill an exploration well in the inner city Sydney suburb of St Peters, just 50 meteres from homes.

I wonder if they’ve approved any drilling 50 metres from their own homes?  Hmmm….

How To Stop Fracking In Australia

On Sunday rallies took place across Australia under the Lock The Gate Alliance to raise awareness and hopefully stop fracking in Australia.

I was down at the Sydney rally and was fascinated/appalled by what I heard from the speakers.

To help stop Fracking, check out these sample letters and adapt one and send it to your local politican.

My letter from the rally

It will take you 10 minutes and could help stop a lifetime’s worth of damage.


What is Coal Seam Gas mining?

CSG mining involves extracting water from coal seams to de-pressurise them and release gas.

There are different types of CSG mining, but they all result in contaminated ‘water product’ and lower the fresh water table.

The most infamous and unpopular method is hydraulic fracturing, aka Fracking, – which involves blasting a mixture of water, sand and chemicals into the ground to crack the bedrock and release coal seam gas.

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